Chronicles of the Afro Kid
Chronicles of the Afro Kid
Most systems, if not all, need to use/does use some form of domain filtering for security. In my case, I needed to check against unauthorised usage from domains other than ones whitelisted by clients from their dashboard. This is definitely a necessity if your clients are going to be embedding your code into their sites. It keeps both parties
I use PM2 as the process manager for my NodeJS apps in production and staging servers among others. PM2, now has a deployment pipeline built-in but the documentation is a bit under done in my opinion. So after, digging around in the code and documentation, I pieced together this guide to get you started on using PM2 not just to
TL;DR I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 and picked up a WiFi adapter from TP-Link to go with it. Naturally, my aim is to be able to SSH into my Pi and not have a screen connected to it at all times. As seen in the image at the beginning of this post, the only wire I have
Whether you like it or not, single page applications (SPA) are all the rage and if you use AngularJS, then SEO has to be one of the main pain points when building an application. Except for Google, makes sense since they built Angular, no other external service can render JavaScript applications properly. If you are using React, you might want
Normally, building an Angular application with an ExpressJS server powering it would be straight forward and it is but problems creep in if when you deploy it to your NginX backed server, like I found out the hard way. Generally, there are 2 ways to serve an Angular app - Example 1 app.get('/api/user', user.get); // your